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Google 2018 Tech Talk

How does a blind man paint? Sanjay Batra is a Senior Design Researcher at Google. When he spoke at Google’s 2018 Tech Talk, he wanted to show the audience his process. We created a video for the conference, as well as a vignette piece for his gallery sales.

Booksmart + Ice Cream

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Cinda Meister and Brad Jones are known for their big hearts, stocked bookshelves, and plentiful treats for the book-lover in all of us.

Literary Legacies

David Chappell, the CEO and Founder of Literary Legacies, teaches children to storyboard, write, and publish their own stories.  As of 2018, Literary Legacies has helped five students publish books in Morgan Hill, California.  The eldest of those students is 14 years old.

Alysa Marcial – Wild Journey

Wolves and Bears and Middle School, oh my!!

Alysa Marcial published a story with her tutor, who tells me, “Alysa’s stories are drama-filled, and probably always will be.”  We met at her school to film a promotion for her book party.

Employee Training

Unforgettable Modules and Manuals


Powerpoint seminars are energy-draining info dumps.  Presenting information is a skill that many subject matter experts just… don’t have, and that’s one of the main reasons Ad Bliss Commercials even exists.  We create teachable moments through video training.


ABC started in Silicon Valley, the global center for tech experts who break the mold in innovative software design.  With ABC, you work with an expert to build a custom training series for your company.  Educate your staff on company practices, and avoid the kitchy, cringe-filled training videos we’ve been using since the 1990’s.  Do you need to show people how a computer program works?  We build easy, affordable classes with minimal hassle.  Need pamphlets or PDF guides? Look no further.


Training can be easier, more enjoyable, and get better results than most people ever realize.  Contact ABC to save on travel costs and build re-usable training videos.